Plump up Your Spinal Discs!

With age and injury, the discs which provide cushioning between the vertebrae of the spine can degenerate, bulge and herniate resulting in debilitating back pain. We used to think spinal discs were inert and that nothing could be done to strengthen them. Exciting new research shows that brisk walking and running increase disc size, making them healthier and more resilient to injury. 


I will be joining Maria Shriver on a panel to promote the Women's Alzheimer's Movement at the American Academy of Neurology Brain Health Fair this Friday in Boston. After losing my Mom to Alzheimer's this past December it is deeply meaningful to me to be part of this panel. 

Maria began advocating for Alzheimer's after her father, Sargent Shriver the founding director of the Peace Corps developed this devastating disease. Having a son in the Peace Corps and witnessing Sargent Shriver's beautiful legacy further motivates me to support this most important cause. 

Hope you can join us!


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International Women's Day

Incredibly honored to be the keynote at Citi's International Women's Day in Miami. Preparing for the talk gave me a deeper appreciation for all the amazing women in my life. Nothing helps women succeed more than the love and support of other women. Let's recognize and thank all the remarkable women in our lives and pay it forward Ladies ❤